Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sunday Afternoon Entertaining

Short notice, informal weekend gatherings are frequent in summer and are such a pleasure to host. To ensure that I can be ready for guests at a moments notice, I keep certain homewares on hand that can be pulled together quickly with a quick stop at the shop.

A beautiful cheese board and knives set an elevated tone for serving nibbles, even if they are store bought. A serving tray, napkins, and a few nice bowls are also essentials for last minute entertaining.

Cheese or a dip (or both!) is usually my main choice for afternoon nibbles. A selection of cheese, at least one soft and one hard, is ideal for pleasing your guests. Above is brie, cheddar and blue. Adding a few different elements to your platter, such as grapes or fruity jam to go with your cheese, and some olives for snacking, allows a nice variety for your afternoon get together. 


Serve with cold ciders and enjoy!

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