Friday, 17 January 2014

Adventures In Food: Thailand

{cha nom- iced tea with milk}
The first stop on our Big Trip was Thailand, and as my partner (who doesn't particularly go for Thai food at home) put it: we didn't have a bad meal. Many of them were a variation on fried rice or pad Thai- don't judge, they are cheap, quick, yummy and reasonably balanced meals. But I'll spare you the treats you might already know about for some you may not. One of my favourite snacks at home is Thai iced tea- a super sweet fluoro orange drink that tones down slightly with evaporated milk added. Above was my first for the trip- so excited!
{kannom krok- coconut pancakes}

Pancakes is a loose term for these sweet, gooey inside crispy outside dumplings. They are made with corn (my fave), taro or spring onion in a coconut batter. Delicious breakfast food.
{spaghetti as noodles}

This was new to me but rather scrumptious. Not sure whether they were trying to appeal to tourists at this market stall, but spaghetti stir fried with mushrooms, tomato, carrots and lettuce was one of my favourite Thai meals.

{freshly barbecued corn cobs}
Need I say more?

{karate? - gooey pancake/donut with black sesame and peanut sugar}

If anyone can tell me the proper name for this, leave a comment! I would love to have it again!
{banana, chocolate and condensed milk roti}
Also excellent breakfast food.

{tom kha- curry coconut milk soup}
A welcome departure from the aforementioned fried rice and noodles. This one had big chunks of ginger, lemongrass and kaffir lime for flavour, as well as tofu and veggies for eating.
Essential phrases (phonetic)
hello : sawadee
thank you : korp kun ka/kraap (female/male)
excuse me/sorry : kor tot
bill please : kor bin noy

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  1. Wow - a beautiful array of Thai cuisine! The descriptions including ingredients are so inviting. Can't wait to see and hear about more Thai dishes on your travels.