Thursday, 29 May 2014

Adventures In Food: Bolivia

{by the scoop snacks}

We continue the love of the Andean food. Of course there are similarities between Bolivian, Peruvian and even northern Chilean food, but I've tried my best to show national dishes here.
{mashed yuca and other breakfast fritters}
I said in my last post that I avoided taking photos of my meals on longer tours. These have been the times when the food is most delicious, due to having a real 'homestyle' cook to make us lots of delicious things and include lots of veggies, which is rare in restaurants. I simply had to ignore my 'no photo' rule when these breakfast fritters came out at our stay in an eco lodge in the Bolivian Amazon. Anything other than bread, jam and possibly eggs is rare at breakfast in South America, let alone a traditional treat. The fritter that I've tucked into above is yuca mashed with cheese. Holy moly is it moreish. I will be recreating them at home with potatoes. The other is a rice based fritter and the horseshoe was a deep fried version.  
Also served at breakfast, this is mashed plantain and cheese.
{papas rellenas}
Mashed potato stuffed with cheese or egg, deep fried and served with an onion sauce. I didn't say Bolivians weren't curvy.
Bolivian empanada with slightly sweet buttery pastry. Very moreish. 
{quinoa con leche}
An inspired milky 'tea' made with quinoa and cinnamon!
Bolivian empanada take two, with a flaky fried pastry.

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