Saturday, 18 October 2014

Adventures In Food: France

France! What a heavenly place for foodies! We had a lovely three days in Paris and then onto Bordeaux. Can't wait to go back to Paris! Here's some of what we ate.
I've made macarons before (here, here and here) but that raspberry macaron filled with jam was something special. Look at those smooth tops!
{croissant aux amandes}
Every morning in Paris we woke up and went to the bakery near our studio apartment. Of course it was amazing and I always had an almond croissant. I normally avoid croissants at home due to their all-too-often chalky texture, but these were perfectly flaky and absolutely delicious.
{ficelle sandwiches}
This was a lunch time staple. There's no such thing as a simple cheese and tomato combination... of course it must be brie! When in France!
{gratuitous patisserie shot}
Cheese overload crepe eaten at the Trocadero, watching the Eiffel Tower shimmer and shine.
So Bordeaux is famous for caneles and the shop shown above was supposed to have the best ones. They kind of have the texture of a baked custard that are chewy on the outside and light on the inside. This one just tasted burnt. I have had better caneles at the Racecourse Rd market in Brisbane than this one from Bordeaux. But when you do get a good one, they are very good.

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