Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Adventures In Food: Scotland

{vegetarian haggis}
Happy New Year! I was in Scotland for Hogmanay to ring in 2015. Ok ok, technically Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Gosh that's pretty confusing though. There are definitely some classic pure Scottish dishes though so that's what I've rounded up here. As per usual there were lots more that weren't vegetarian, but here's what I got to try over a few days in Scotland. Above is a picture of my favourite meal while in Scotland, Scottish breakfast with vegetarian haggis. I was so pleased I was able to try this haggis with lentils, barley and spices. I was expecting it to be dry but it was very moist and a perfect breakfast accompaniment.
Tablet is fudge. Varieties made with scotch whisky get points for being extra Scottish.
I had forgotten the pleasure in a piece of shortbread and a cup of tea. Sometimes the simple things are the best.

{porridge with cream}
Not sure exactly what the Scottish origins of porridge are but Scots definitely claim it. Served with cream was a yummy treat. And the excellent consistency of the oats prompted me to find a better way to cook my porridge at home (more liquid!).

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