Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Weekend Banana Bread

Baking on a weekend morning is something that I'd like to do more often. Kyle and I love to go out for a special breakfast on the weekend but it can become quite the luxury. Making something at home is an excellent alternative. Banana bread is something that's easily whipped up with ingredients from the fridge and pantry. The only problem is waiting during the hour that it's in the oven.

Banana bread (adapted from Donna Hay Magazine Jun/Jul 2012)
Butter, for greasing, plus extra to serve
125g butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 eggs
2 cups mashed ripe banana
1 3/4 cups plain flour, sifted
1 tsp baking powder, sifted
1 tsp bicarbonate soda, sifted
1 tsp cinnamon
1/3 cup golden syrup
  1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Grease a large (25x12cm) loaf tin with butter.
  2. Place the butter, sugar and vanilla in an electric mixer and beat for 8-10 minutes or until pale and creamy.
  3. Gradually add the eggs and beat to combine.
  4. Add the banana, flour, baking powder, bicarbonate soda, cinnamon and golden syrup and stir to combine.
  5. Spoon the mixture into the tin and bake for 60-65 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer. Cool in the tin for 20 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack to cool completely. 

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