Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mexican Drink Ponchos

Drink ponchos were the perfect accessory for our Mexican fiesta last weekend. I began by stitching them together before remembering my secret weapon- a hot glue gun! It made the process so much faster. Read more for the steps for both methods.


Gather material, fringe, scissors, beer bottle, cotton and needle (or hot glue gun).

Use the bottle as a rough guide for cutting the width of the fabric. I went for horizontal stripes.

Cut longer strips into squares.

Fold squares in half and cut a 3-4cm hole in the centre of the bent edge.

Place on the bottle to ensure it will fit.

 Sew up the sides with a simple stitch- the raw edges complement this look. Measure and cut fringe and sew along bottom. Trim any excess.

Make sure you don't sew the bottom together!
If using a hot glue gun, repeat steps above until you have cut the hole. Fold over the long edges and glue down.
Fold in half and glue together.

Measure fringe and glue on. Trim excess. This look is much cleaner than stitching and I actually prefer it!

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