Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Corners Of My Home: Baking Equipment

The final installment showcasing the 'baking corners' of my home is all about my baking drawer. While certainly not essentials in the purest sense (hello food, water, shelter), this is what I 'need' to bake to contentment. I extremely dislike the idea of owning things with only one purpose, so this drawer is about as streamlined as (I think) you can get while being able to bake almost anything!
Cookie cutters
Prism tins: 10x20cm loaf, 20cm square, 20x30cm slice, mini loaf

Round tins: 2 x 20cm round, 22cm springform
Small round tins: 2 tbsp deep, 2 tbsp shallow, 1 cup, 1/2 cup

Tart tins: 22cm, rectangular, 12cm, all with removable bases

Specialty tins: bundt, mini bundt, madeleine (new and vintage). You could go fairly crazy in this category
Miscellaneous: Kitchen Aid mixer attachments, sifter, scales, squeeze bottles/piping tips/piping bags, baking weights, candy thermometer (not including obvious paraphernalia such as whisks, spatulas and measuring cups, spoons and jugs)
Not shown- baking trays (mine weigh 1.2kg each!), cooling racks and appliances (mixer, food processor, ice cream maker).

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