Monday, 23 September 2013

Instagram Halloween Inspiration

Before I had Milkshakes and Pattycakes, Instagram was where I documented most of my baking pursuits. I've recently found myself looking back to some favourite recipes and memories. I'm a big fan of 'edible traditions', whether the passionfruit custard slice I make each summer or making a batch of camping slice before a trip. Holidays in particular are a time when I think it's important to both revisit traditions and make new ones. Here is how I celebrated Halloween last year.
My decorating technique for Halloween is definitely on the kitschy side. I hit the $2 shop and get a few things that are just cute reminders of the holiday. Last year plastic spiders were a big hit and Kyle and I had fun trying to scare each other. I also like to put out small bowls of special chocolates that are only available at this time of year.

Scary cupcakes from last year included space invader cupcakes (foil liners, vanilla cake, green icing, lollies and plastic shot glasses) and spooky sprinkles (orange liners, chocolate cake, green icing and sprinkles).
Both of these treats can be customized for any holiday during the year simply by changing the colours and cutters. The chocolate truffles were delicious and I would definitely make them again. Sugar cookies... is a recipe that I need more practice with and something to work towards for Halloween 2013.

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