Saturday, 30 November 2013

Woodland Yule Stump

Forget Yule logs! The Yule stump is where it's at. Little did I know at Christmas 2011 that I would be sharing my stump on this blog almost two years later. The recipe is from Baked Explorations, and was made from two large chocolate swiss roll cakes, halved lengthways to make 4 long sheets. We (two person effort) spread one with malt buttercream and began to roll. As we came to the end of one sheet, we began rolling it in the next. It created a very thick and fat roll which was then covered in choc malt buttercream! Add 'bark' effects, woodland ivy and meringue mushrooms if desired. Slice horizontally to preserve the tree rings. Voila- a modern Christmas cake for a family gathering.

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