Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Adventures In Food: Vietnam

{papaya salad}
Kyle and I loved the food in Vietnam! Street food is a big part of the culture there and it was easy to get cheap and delicious eats. We also did a cooking class and sampled family style eating while staying at a homestay in Sapa. Two obvious things I left out are pho, noodle soup, which is typically eaten for breakfast but enjoyed by me at any time, and spring rolls fried or fresh, take your pick! The papaya salad above was my favourite meal in Vietnam and made at our cooking class. Usually served with beef I had strips of tofu. It was crunchy, sweet, sour, spicy, fresh and overall amazing!
{white rose : rice dumplings in a sweet and sour dressing}
Delicate specialty of Hoi An.

{street side donuts}

{banh mi : baguette sandwiches}
Don't be fooled by the terrible picture, this was top two most delicious things I ate in Vietnam! Omelette and cheese and chilli sauce and coriander and other things on a fresh, fresh baguette.

{ca phe sua da : Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk}

{tofu in tomato sauce}
Although simple this was very tasty and on all kinds of menu, so I assume it has Vietnamese roots.

{banh can trung cut : mini rice pancakes with mini eggs}
Eat like a salad, covered in soy. To be honest I only saw these once, but they seem to be the veggo relative of the ubiquitous banh xeo, or Vietnamese pancake (topped with shrimp and eaten rolled up with greens).
{banh mi : salad sandwich}
Ok I had to put up two banh mi- this one was a salad sanger with great garlicky dressing and cream cheese.

{ca phe sua da on the boil}
This is how to make Vietnamese coffee- so easy. Basically this little device contains coffee grounds and boiling water and it filters down into your cup with the condensed milk already waiting.

{fried wontons}
This had a stir fried tomato-carrot-onion mix but I had one later with pineapple added- delicious!

{claypot tofu}
Order claypot (anything) and you won't be disappointed. Like a Vietnamese curry.
{homestay meal}
We stayed with a family near Sapa and there was a fresh feast that night. My favourite dish was the greens on the left, this plant is everywhere but I don't know the name, some call it Chinese cabbage but it tastes like broccolini. Most dishes on this table were stirfried simply in a bit of oil, garlic, salt and/or stock and tasted like heaven. Especially loved the pineapple dishes!
If anyone can help out with the Vietnamese names of these dishes please leave a comment!
Essential phrases (phonetic)
hello : sin chao
thank you : gamman
excuse me/sorry : sin loi
bill please : sin ding dien

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