Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Adventures In Food: Belize

The food in Belize is very Carribean inspired- fried chicken, seafood, rice and beans... Unfortunately for this veggo, in the three days we were there I relied mostly on side dishes or international food. My favourite thing we ate in Belize were these cinnamon scrolls for breakfast, and it got me thinking about bakeries. As we travelled through Asia I avoided posting baked goods in my country round ups, as they are culturally borrowed from Europeans in Asian history. One could argue the same in Central and South America although I'm coming to see it differently. If the European-descended language here is now intrinsically local, why can't baking be too? Expect to see a few more yummy baked things around here.
Edited to add: just found this pic on Kyle's camera. The guy who made these sells his baked goods from a pushcart on the sandy streets.
{lemon tart}

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