Monday, 21 April 2014

Adventures In Food: Costa Rica

{casado with patacones}
Usually in my 'Adventures In Food' posts I don't share more than one photo of a dish, even if I've had it more than once. I have to make an exception with Costa Rican casados, which is a dish so versatile that I've had it in a few equally delicious ways. This is definitely a 'recreate at home' meal! The basics include rice, beans, salad and usually meat for the carnivores. Patacones, or fried plantains, also seem to be a staple. These dishes look simple (and they are!) but are seriously yummy. Those beans alone have tons of flavour.
{casado with rice and beans cooked in coconut milk}
{casado with veggies two ways and cheese, and baked plantain}
We toured a sugar cane, coffee and cocoa farm. It was fun to munch on fresh sugar cane.
{picadillo con arracache}
Picadillo is a mix of diced veggies, spices and usually meat eaten gallo style (aka in a soft tortilla). Arracache is a root vegetable.
{chocolate cake with choc cinnamon icing}
This is easy to do at home to 'spice' up a plain cake. ;)

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