Sunday, 13 April 2014

Adventures in Food: Nicaragua

{fresa limonada}
I feel like we ate heaps of Nicaraguan food but I only have five foods to show you. As with Guatemala we preferred a local breakfast to pancakes or toast and jam. Maybe that's to blame for me feeling that I ate like a Nica. Above is a fresh strawberry lemonade- just divine.

{canelle swirl pastry - it was almost a brioche base with a crispy cinnamon topping} 

{quesillos - tortilla with melted cheese, served with tangy onions}

 {gallo pinto - Nica breakfast}
Always with the rice and beans, which was oddly slightly crunchy and always delicious.

{tiste - toasted corn drink}
Emmy you would love this! It doesn't look appetising but tastes like a cold (slightly gritty) chai! Yum!

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