Sunday, 13 April 2014

Adventures in Food: Guatemala

The absolute highlight of Guatemalan food was the breakfasts! I had several outstanding Desayuno Chapin (literally 'Guatemalan Breakfast') which includes beans, eggs, bread or tortillas (served warm in the basket shown below), cheese, sour cream and fried plantain. Every time I had it I was super satisfied. Another feature has to be the chocolate that comes from local cacao. I even had a hot chocolate made from cacao off the farm we were staying on! It was a little bitter (compared to my usual chocolate experiences) but very au natural, with a little cinnamon and ginger added. Not captured: delicious and going-to-be-replicated pineapple syrup cake.
 {desayuno chapin - guatemalan breakfast}
{limonada - fresh lemonade}
{flavoured Guatemalan chocolate - check out the hand coloured labels}
{fresa y sandia refresco - strawberry and watermelon slushie}

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