Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Adventures In Food: Portugal

{pastel de nata}
Right, this is a little embarrassing, This post proves one thing. Actually, two. Number one: I love dessert. Well you all knew that. Number two: Portugal is rough going for vegetarians. It's not rough in the sense that you can't eat, I ate loads of international food, but I didn't have any traditional savoury dishes at all! Nope, just sweet ones. Just one, sweet one. In Portugal one is all you need. The egg custard tart. It's pastry and custard in one sweet package.
And in Lisbon you will find the king of the egg tarts. Visit a cafĂ© called Pasteis de Belem. It's been serving egg tarts (I'm not sure if they even serve much else, beyond tea and coffee!) since 1837. The cafe is enormous, seating hundreds of people, and they have all come for one thing. While waiting in line, I could hear the crunch of people's first bite from 10 metres away. The custard is smooth and sweet. Add a sprinkling of nutmeg and I was in heaven. See this plate of heaven below. It's quite simply, a must do.

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