Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Adventures In Food: Germany, Oktoberfest Edition

Having only ever eaten German food in Munich's Oktoberfest grounds, I felt it necessary to include that in the title of this post, as this type of food is actually Bavarian. And boy is it good. I wonder if it's so comforting so as to stop you getting so drunk from those 1L steins? Here is what I ate during Oktoberfest. Well, I didn't eat the gingerbread heart above, as they are more souvenirs than a snack. But technically they are edible!
Ginormous beer, ginormous pretzel. Happy lady. These two are a match made in heaven, especially when you get to that really salty bit on the pretzel!
{champignons, egerlinge and reherl mit petersilie in feiner rahmsauce, dazu einen semmelknodel}
Ok so I took that name straight off the menu. Basically this is a big traditional dumpling (knodel), with a creamy mushroom sauce.
{kase krautspaetzle}
And my favourite dish of the festival! It's like German mac and cheese! Spaetzle are very short noodles, here they are mixed with sauerkraut (onions), baked with cheese and topped with both caramelised and crispy onions!
{pretzel with butter and chives}
This was a welcome German breakfast at the airport coming home. A (normal sized) pretzel with butter and chives. Great veggo option.

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