Sunday, 2 November 2014

Adventures In Food: Sweden

I went to visit my friend Elle in Stockholm last week! Traditionally, savoury Swedish food is heavy on the meatballs and fish, so this vegetarian didn't find much try. I had more luck with the sweet side of things which of course suits me! Above is a ginormous cinnamon bun, which was not rolled in a spiral like the American version, but twisted up into a delicious knot with rock sugar on top.
Muesli is not Swedish but I feel like this dish captures what Swedish food is about- local and seasonal. This was locally made Greek yoghurt with homemade roasted nut muesli, local honey and a raspberry compote. Berries are very Swedish!
{blueberry jam bun}
Cardamom is commonly used to spice doughs- just as popular as the kanelbullar is the kardamommabullar, the cardamom bun. Even this blueberry jam bun was lightly spiced with cardamom, a nice complement to the berries.
{paron cider + Elle}
The country loves pears (they even have pear ice cream!). Pear cider makes a nice change from apple for me.

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