Thursday, 5 November 2015

Adventures in Food: Montenegro

{njeguski sir}
I will be writing a post about 'Balkan favourites' shortly, which will encompass things that I saw again and again across the region, that I can't really categorise into one country post. I definitely ate some of those things in Montenegro, but this post is dedicated to what I would (extremely un-expertly) call national Montenegrin dishes. The country is relatively new, but the culinary traditions go back hundreds of years.
And again, I have one photo... we cooked a lot in Montenegro. Nevertheless, I will share what I know.
The focus of this dish was the breaded cheese (the brown triangle!). It is a local specialty from Njegusi, which is the most famous food region of Montenegro. It is also famous for smoked ham and brandy. The cheese is quite firm and if I understood correctly, is smoked. If someone can clarify, please leave a comment! The cheese is not always (or even usually) served like this, but it certainly was delicious!

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