Sunday, 8 November 2015

Adventures in Food: Bosnia and Herzegovina

{burek sirnica}
I am very happy to say that in my two days in Bosnia and Herzegovina I tried a fair few local dishes! Something that you see everywhere in Bosnia is burek. It is a dish common to many Balkan countries (more on that soon), however in Bosnia it is made into a large circle shape and servings are cut out like a piece of pizza. This was filled with local white cheese (sirnica).
Despite the unimpressive look of this dessert it tastes quite good. It is a biscuit (perhaps made with ground nuts, similar to kourabiedes according to my tastebuds) soaked in syrup.
{ustipci and kaymak}
Fried dough puffs and clotted cream. Holy guacamole, this is a match made in heaven... probably where you will go after eating this and suffering a heart attack. The kaymak tastes like a thick sour cream. A must try! Something to note: ustipci can also be served sweet, with icing sugar, jam etc. It's possible that there is a better name than ustipci for these plain, savoury ones... leave a comment if you know it!
A welcome find for this vegetarian. Just a simple, yummy dish of veggies (reminiscent of ratatouille) and rice. 

Cored apple, stuffed with a walnut mixture, poached in syrup, topped with whipped cream. Enough said.

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