Thursday, 28 January 2016

Adventures in Food: Croatia

{cherry slice}

Hello from Croatia Australia! I have finished my travelling for the time being, but am diligently attempting to complete my travels in food for posterity on the blog. In September 2015 Kyle and I were soaking up the summer sun in Croatia. I've
mentioned before that Balkan food has lots of tastes and traditions overlapping between distinct countries, so here is my best attempt at chronicling a couple of Croatian dishes. Croatian cuisine is definitely up-and-coming on the international scene, with influences from Austria, Hungary, Italy, the coastline and of course their Balkan neighbours.

Cherries feature a lot in patisseries in the Balkans, but as far as I could tell, in Croatia cherries were paired with a sweet shortcrust pastry over flaky filos or puff pastries.

{blitva s krumpirom}

This is a side dish of delicious chard, potatoes and garlic. A veggie lover's dream.

And that's it! We cooked a lot at this stage of our trip, but I did try to hunt down a couple of dishes. Keep an eye out for my overarching 'Balkan food' post which will encompass many of the flavours you will find in Croatia.

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