Saturday, 30 January 2016

Adventures in Food: Slovenia

{polenta with a Mediterranean vegetable sauce}

Slovenia isn't usually in the top ten (or twenty) countries that first come to mind when thinking about visiting Europe. That needs to change immediately! We were only there for about 6 days but the country was so beautiful, the people so lovely and the food so delicious that it was a stand out highlight for us! We hired a car with some new pals that we met in Croatia, and drove throughout the stunning countryside, staying in small towns. We were definitely in great immediate company, which always affects your perception of a place, but I think any visitor to Slovenia would be impressed. Here are some of the delights that I sampled.

You should still be thinking Mediterranean flavours here, although Slovenia also has an element of Italian/Austrian/Hungarian flavours like Croatia did. But I was very happy to see baked polenta with a veggie sauce on the menu at my first sit down meal in Slovenia. It looks a bit messy but we all know that means it was insanely delicious!

{kremna rezina}

This is called Lake Bled cream cake. Some people say the first thing you should do when you arrive at the town of Lake Bled (home to the stunning lake), is find and eat one of these! If this is an invented tourist trap, then so be it, I don't care, I just want to eat custard slice with an extra layer of whipped cream forever.

{prekmurska gibanica}

This was an interesting layer cake containing walnuts, apple, poppy seeds, ricotta and raisins. It wasn't overly sweet which was to Kyle's taste.


This bean stew reminded me of Austrian/Hungarian food. The beans and potatoes were all topped off with sauerkraut and the non-vegetarians had big sausages in their stews.

Thanks again Slovenia for your hospitality and gorgeous scenery!

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