Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Adventures In Food: Vienna

{coffee houses}

Meeting friends at a coffee house is part of daily life in Vienna. Kyle and I made sure to visit at least one for each day of our stay. The cakes are too delicious to resist!


Sacher torte is a dessert with an exact moment of creation, by Mr Sacher of course. It is a dense chocolate cake with layers of apricot jam and a chocolate ganache-type icing. You can't really taste the apricot but it adds moisture and sweetness to the dark chocolate cake.

{apfel strudel}

There is lots of crossover between German and Austrian food. We enjoyed spaetzle and mulled wine (while wandering around the Christmas markets!) in Austria. On the other hand, while apple strudel is common throughout Germany, it really is an Austrian dish. Expect layers of flaky pastry mingled with sweet cinnamon apples and raisins. This one was served with both whipped cream and a custard- yum!

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