Friday, 25 March 2016

Adventures In Food: Hungary


Hungary was the last stop on our Eurotrip. We spent five days staying in a fantastic apartment in Budapest. It was a great opportunity to rejuvenate over a couple of days to ensure we were fresh for SE Asia, while still seeing a lot of what Budapest had to offer. In terms of food, at this stage of our trip I was getting a bit sick of the carb-heavy options that had marked our route for a month or so. We cooked a little in our apartment and also sought fresher tastes in the form of foreign food. These are the classic Hungarian dishes that I tried.

Kurtoskalacs are peddled to all the tourists, but for good reason as they are quite unique and of course delicious! They are made from a long strip of sweet dough that is wrapped around a short cylinder, covered in butter and sugar and roasted until shiny, caramelized and crunchy. Sometimes they are rolled in nuts or cinnamon just before serving. They are truly huge so share with a fellow sweet tooth!


I am familiar with langos as festival food in Australia- cheap and greasy. That really is the basis of this snack (that I ate for dinner at the Christmas markets- Hungarian food is very meat-heavy). It is a fried dough base topped with sour cream, cheese and lots of garlic. Make sure you buy a freshly cooked, warm langos as they just go a bit greasy and chewy after a while.

{turo rudi}

Although I normally focus on home-cooked foods on this blog, Kyle and I couldn't pass up a cheesecake chocolate bar. 'Turo' is a sweet quark cheese and it is dipped in dark chocolate to form a bar. I usually prefer a piece of cake over a packaged treat, but it is fun to branch out a bit sometimes.

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