Monday, 20 June 2016

Adventures in Food: Malaysia

{Indian curries}

Malaysian cuisine is a delicious fusion of Indian, Chinese and ethnic Malaysian flavours. It is a fascinating example of how different cultures and cuisines sit side by side, unified as Malaysian. I really enjoyed all of the vegetarian options (largely from the Indian influence) and the diversity in general.

{chee cheong fun}

One of the few Chinese dishes I tried in Malaysia. They are rice noodle rolls often stuffed with meats and veggies. Mine was a scrambled tofu version!

{banana leaf}

This was a common way of ordering and eating a mixed lunch. They usually include rice, a curry, a dhal, some condiments and some sides. It's an alternative to a thali (below), the Indian platters, which are also common in Malaysia.


{mee goreng}

Quite difficult to get away from as you can order it anywhere you go! Sometimes, though, all you feel like is a simple smoky noodle dish and mee goreng delivers.

{teh tarik}

I enjoyed drinking teh tarik, creamy poured tea, every day. It is really sweet as it contains condensed milk, but who doesn't love a hot sweet tea? Traditionally the tea is poured from a height which creates the froth and bubbles.

{egg tarts}

Egg tarts in Malaysia are a nod to the Southern Chinese influence. Happily, you can find them everywhere!

{roti kaya}

I had roti kaya on the days when I couldn't stomach curry or vegetables for breakfast (Western breakfasts are uncommon). Roti is a delicious grilled flatbread which is only improved when filled with kaya. Kaya is a sweet spread made from coconut cream, eggs and sugar. Kaya is a traditional nyonya, or Peranakan, dish, one of the few I tried (most were meat based).


Cendol is a surprisingly yummy dessert made of layers of shaved ice, pandan flavoured rice noodles, beans, coconut milk and palm syrup. It sounds pretty horrible but is actually nice! Other toppings such as corn and fruit are sometimes added.

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