Friday, 7 March 2014

Adventures In Food: Thailand (Again)

{khao soi- noodle curry with crispy noodles}

Ok, so we returned to Thailand and I discovered some more things! Firstly, a speciality of Chiang Mai is a curried noodle soup dish with fried noodles on top- hallelujah. You can buy or make these crispy noodles (flour some egg noodles and fry, baby).

{corn cakes}

I made some corn cakes in our cooking class. What made them special was the inclusion of kaffir lime, and of course chilli. I guess these are the veggo fish cakes!
{mango with sticky rice}

Aaaaand finally a worthy Asian dessert! Coconuty, cinnamony rice with fresh mango and puffed rice 'bubbles' on top. Can't wait to make it at home!

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  1. These all look so good, Rosie. Especially those veg cakes. Yummm.