Monday, 2 March 2015

Adventures In Food: Bulgaria

{baklava, kurabiiki, chocolate peanut cream puffball}
Let's start with dessert first today. We were in Bulgaria for a ski holiday in Bansko (very pretty). I was very excited about how close we were to the Turkish border, and the influence definitely showed in the sweets shop. I was able to get baklava, kurabiiki which is the Bulgarian name for kourabiedes (which I have made before) and a curious and delicious chocolate puffball, it had a biscuit base topped with whipped cream and coated in chocolate and peanuts! This is a popular and delicious combination in Bulgaria.
Spinach and feta pastries. I need say no more.
I usually ended up eating a lot of side dishes for dinner in Bulgaria. Mostly because the Balkan country is meat heavy, but also because when sides are as delicious as these mushies, there was no need for a main! The mushrooms were simply cooked with butter and garlic and some fresh herbs. The roasted potatoes were a perfect complement, also tossed in butter, garlic and herbs. I sense a theme here...
I don't know too much about this dish but it is very traditional in Bulgaria as a bit of a snack. There are two layers of pastry filled with cheese, yoghurt, eggs, herbs and sometimes other things. Mine tasted potatoey, maybe it had added potato or maybe it just comes out tasting that way. Expect to see it in huge slices alongside the pizza for tourists!

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