Saturday, 6 June 2015

Lately Baking

While I have been quiet on the blogging front while living in London, you can bet your KitchenAid that I have still been baking. Here's what I've been mixing up lately.
At Christmas time, apart from these white chocolate and cranberry cupcakes which I posted, I made these two seasonal essentials. I also made a yule log with sugared cherries (not as impressive as this one!).
Went down a treat on Australia Day.

On a weekend, of course.
Just 'cause.
I made one of these 6 months ago for a birthday, and today again for a hen's party! It really is the perfect celebration cake!
Kyle's request for his birthday treat.
Of recipes not already documented on the blog, I made chocolate afghan biscuits, plum bakewell tart and a crumb-heavy apple crumble. I also managed to squeeze in a lemon raspberry layer cake, rhubarb crumb cake, carrot layer cake, lemon yoghurt syrup cake and caramel tres leches cake. That's... a lot of cake!
I have been discovering lots of new classics and look forward to posting them here. This blog has been one of my best resources for recipes while I've been away from my beloved cookbooks and I intend to keep adding my favourite recipes!

Edited to add: before we left London I also made this lime coconut cake and a batch of my fave choc chip cookies!


  1. Hi Rosie! Everything looks amazing! How do you make/put the frosting on the gingerbread? Looks super profesh! :)

    1. Hi Maria! Thanks for checking out my blog :) The royal icing recipe is the same as here: If you read through the recipe you will see which ingredients are for the icing. I use squeeze bottles with a small plain tip to do the outlines- it is time consuming but I find it relaxing! X