Sunday, 2 August 2015

Adventures in Food: England

Living in London for almost a year has certainly given me the opportunity to try plenty of traditional English food. That suits me just fine as the English are known for hearty meals, be it breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Let's begin with the most important meal of the day.

{full English breakfast}
Kyle and I had our favourite spot for breakfast, that has sadly closed now. They would serve homemade bubble and squeak, potato rosti, and potato and leek sausages with the veggie breakfast. I will miss it!
{pie and mash}
Pies are served lots of different ways but one thing stays the same... you've gotta get mash!

{Sunday roast}

 Sunday roast is a bit of a delicious institution. Who doesn't love the idea of getting together with friends over a cider on a Sunday afternoon and having someone else cook up veg, yorkshire puddings and (veggo) gravy? This was the best roast I had in the year, it was a delicious nut roast.

{traditional afternoon tea}

{scones with jam and cream}

 Afternoon tea is a special treat. Of course tea is a very colonial English tradition, and served with posh finger sandwiches, scones, and various sweets (hopefully including Victoria sponge cake), it is a lovely quintessential British experience.

{fish and chips}
Of course being vegetarian, there are some culinary traditions that I find it hard to try when travelling. Lucky for me, there is a totally vegetarian pub in London that serves 'tofush' and chips and I had to go and check it out! They fried up tofu (wrapped in seaweed for added authenticity) and served it with minty peas, homemade ketchup and chips, and potato salad. Delish!
This may be controversial, but I felt I couldn't leave curry off this list! Of course there are some undeniably Anglo-Indian dishes like chicken tikka masala, which I haven't tried myself, but I think in general the British food experience isn't complete without a visit to Brick Lane for a curry!
{Eton mess}
This was a very special mess, it was the usual meringue, strawberries and cream but served with pomegranate, strawberry sorbet and a sprinkling of edible rose petals and it was absolutely out of this world delicious! Eton mess will always stick out in my mind as a last minute dash to the shops, gluten friendly dessert for entertaining!
As you can see it has been a lip-smacking year living in London! I know it can be hard for vegetarians to scope out traditional food so if you would like to know where to go for any of these treats please ask in the comments!

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